Jager, uw buurman - uw betrouwbare verspartner
Jager twój dogny zaufania dostawca zawsze świezych zarzyw i owoców
Jager Holland, Ihr zuverlässiger Partner für Frischprodukte
Jager, your neighbour - your relaible fresh produce partner


Jager Holland guarantees the food safety of its products. With a very progressive, certified working method, according to the international IFS standard, Jager Holland guarantees a safe and high-quality product at all times.

In addition to sophisticated product handling, Jager Holland also operates an intensive residue monitoring programme, whereby preventive sampling is carried out in the country of origin of the products. Of course, we only work with selected suppliers with a certified quality system in which food safety is guaranteed.

Jager Holland is IFS higher-level certified and meets the strict requirements of the European market. In addition, our company is SKAL certified. As a result, we can and may supply organic products. By clicking on the relevant logo, you open the corresponding certificate.

The International Featured Standard, often referred to as IFS, is a standard in the field of food safety drawn up by HDE, the German association of food distributors.

The French retail sector organisation FCD“ has joined the IFS standard, while the Italian organisations ANCC, ANCD and Federdistribuzione also support the standard. This, plus the fact that the IFS standard was developed on the basis of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, means that it is also called the German-French counterpart of BRC Food.

Four so-called' knock-out criteria' are used within IFS. If one of these criteria is not met, the supplier is automatically not certified. These criteria are as follows:

• Control of critical control points;

• involvement of management and employees;

• traceability of products, raw materials and packaging materials;

• Implementation of corrective actions.