Jager, uw buurman - uw betrouwbare verspartner
Jager twój dogny zaufania dostawca zawsze świezych zarzyw i owoców
Jager Holland, Ihr zuverlässiger Partner für Frischprodukte
Jager, your neighbour - your relaible fresh produce partner


Jager Holland is happy to welcome you on her website. On this site you will find information about our company. Jager stands for quality and service in the supply of vegetables, fruit, exotics and mushrooms.

The Jager distribution centre is located in Emmen, 5 minutes from the German border, the company where the best quality fresh vegetables, fruit and exotics are shipped daily. Since its inception around 1900, Jager's activities have taken off worldwide. These activities consist of trading products from all parts of the world and exporting to all parts of Europe. Your assortment and packaging requirements are also fulfilled here.

Kaart Nederland

The Jager distribution centre is located in Emmen, near the German border

Jager Holland guarantees the food safety of its products. Jager Holland complies with the latest IFS, SKAL and NSF certification.